Stirling-Steele Engine Plans
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Complete plans for the exciting Stirling-Steele Engine. This patented four cylinder Stirling based design is one of the best running hot air engines around. 26 pages of highly detailed drawings and instructions provide all necessary information to produce this modern compact version of Stirling Engine. Engine can be machined on a 6" lathe and small milling machine. Plans are $25.00.
Plans for Mini-Lathe CNC Conversion
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Plans for converting a Sieg Industrial X2 Mini-Mill to CNC.  This conversion will allow the builder to transform a 110 pound iron bench top mini-mill into a 3 axis CNC capable of performing many automated machining tasks.  The mill will also retain its manual function which is ideal for the shop where it is the only mill.  The conversion is bolt on and only requires the addition of two tapped holes into the base machine for installation.
Plans for Mini-Mill CNC Conversion
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Plans for converting a Sieg Industrial built Mini-Lathe Model C2 and C3 To CNC.  These solid little lathes are an excellent candidate for conversion to CNC and these plans make the task quick and sure.  Like the mini-mill conversion, manual function is retained so you won't loose the ability to quickly manually turn a part.  With the addition of CNC motion control on this lathe it will be able to interpolate shapes, cut threads and create parts that are just not possible or practical to make on a manual only version of this lathe.
XY Ball Screw Retofit Plans for
CNC Converted X2 Mini-Mills
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These plans provide the builder with sources for parts, detailed and assembly drawings plus full instructions for adding ball screws to your CNC converted Sieg industrial X2 mini-mill.  Ball screws add speed and near zero backlash to a mill to increase the accuracy of the parts the mill can make. 
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The New Steele Double-Cam Stirling Engine
Click here to get a sneak-peek at Steele's newest Stirling engine design.  The new double cam drive is a very versatile and cost effective answer to multi cylinder beta type Stirlings.  Beta type Stirlings with their higher compression ratios have long be thought to be the most hopeful Stirling for integrating into our energy hungry world.  Now with this new Stirling drive it is possible to group or cluster multiple beta type Stirlings together to provide compact cost effective Stirling power producing engines or heat pumps for real world applications.  Plans for this engine and finished engines based on this design are not available for sale however the US Patent covering this design improvement is available for license..
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